My life in the military and emergency medicine has sculpted me into someone that remains calm, handles stress, thrives in adverse conditions and somehow remains emotionally intelligent.

Art is emotion, invoking and capturing the emotion of the moment is the essence of photography. My shoots are filled with semi appropriate jokes, laughter and reverence; whatever it takes to bring the appropriate energy to the shoot.

What sets me apart from my peers is my ability to confront emotions. Whether it's a light hearted tiff between lovers, or the weight of a father on his daughter's wedding day, those are the moments that matter. I frequently find myself laughing/smiling/crying while editing photos. 

My work is on display around Bozeman, and published in various magazines and news sites. Contact me for current display locations.

The Details

All photos are © MooseHeart Photography/Nick Ramsay 2012-2017

Wedding bookings require 30% non refundable deposit

All other bookings require 50% non refundable deposit.

The Gear


Nikon's professional camera line sets the industry standard. For that reason, they're the only cameras I use. 

Continuing the trend, Nikon lenses are my preferred glass. Specifically the "F" models and above. Whether it's a 14mm wide angle shot, or a 500mm super telephoto. We're covered.


Light is what separates a photographer from a hipster with a camera. Reliable, repeatable light is what I need.

Phottix has made a name for themselves as an up and coming lighting company. I use a variety of strobes and portable flashes, all centered around the Phottix Odin system. 

The Boring Stuff


Payment in nearly any form is accepted (maybe even in chickens). 

Flexible plans are available, I understand we all have our own budgets. I want you to get photos that you're proud to display in your home.


Life happens, and I understand that. Rescheduling, within reason, is always possible. Any cost of venue rental in the event of a rescheduled shoot will be your responsibility.