Today was a fun and exciting day. As some of you may know, I've started a new multimedia project to explore life in Montana and what makes this place so unique. Our first guest was John from Fortress Combat, talking about life, martial arts and survival.

You can find John in the gym, or online at or on social media @fortress_combat

Yellowstone and Chico

For those that aren't in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, we had a decent amount of weather this last weekend. Of course, it landed on the weekend that Lexi and I were set to go down to the park and spend a nice weekend eating fancy food and having a good time down in Chico Hot Springs. While I decided to venture off into the storm to chase Moose and Dall Sheep, Lexi stayed nice and warm in the car. 

My hopes of scouting Chico for some unique locations for Kim and Jake's upcoming wedding were hilariously crushed by Mother Nature. (Did you know that you can get ice stuck in your ears? I do now.) I guess I'll just have to go back some time soon...maybe when the fishing's a little nicer...

Matt and Megan

I had such a great time this last weekend with Matt and Megan's engagement shoot! Working in Bozeman has me yearning for more industrial style shoots. Making the trip out to Livingston was well worth it! They're going to be doing their wedding in the theater and I'm definitely excited for it. In addition to that, it's going to be a steampunk theme and I'll be challenging myself with some wet plate processes. These will definitely be some unique wedding photos!

Winter Projects and Rumors

My current winter projects are to find and photograph owls and otters in Yellowstone. Tracking both is far easier in the winter when their darker colors contrast against the white snow. There are also rumors of Snowy Owls in Montana! While I haven't seen any actual proof, a trip to the plains just might be warranted!


Welcome to the new home of MooseHeart Photography! With this new format, I hope to keep you all up to date with my antics. It's now much much easier for me to upload and arrange photos, which means I'll actually want to update my website as I go on shoots!