Raise the Fallen

If you have been around the veteran community, you may have noticed that some wear a subtle black aluminum bracelet. They typically carry a name and a date, sometimes a unit or location. By wearing these bracelets, we’re keeping the memories of our friends alive. Carrying them along in our journey, going on adventures and experiencing the life that they sacrificed everything for. This site is here to share the stories of the fallen, to connect people and to put a face to the memory.


SPC Carlos Wilcox IV

Wilcox was a classmate of mine in medic school. While we fell out of touch, I remember getting the phone call. We joined the Army in a time of war, we knew that we would lose friends, and he certainly wasn’t the first. But he was the most invincible of us all, smart, strong and fast. On 16 July 2009 there was a mortar attack, wounding two soldiers. Wilcox ran in to help, not just because that’s what he was trained to do, but because that’s who he was. The next volley came, killing SPC Wilcox, SPC Daniel Drevnick and SPC James Wertish. He died while caring for the wounded, and it’s in his memory and honor that I live a life worth living.


I left SPC Wilcox next to a small babbling brook in the Bridger Mountains. I’ve worn this bracelet for 10 years to the day, from breaking my back to teaching other medics to take his place. During our time at this site we had deer and mountain goats visiting us. It was deemed as “one of the best places in the world” and the time was right to say “see ya later” to Carlos. In a place that takes some effort to get to, it’s a reminder that you can’t climb a mountain if you’re busy looking back. It’s a place to take your children, and to tell them the story of a man that was so full of love for his brothers that he laid down his life in effort to save theirs. Most importantly, remember the sacrifice that those before us made to provide for these rugged peaks and peaceful valleys.